mayan legend

In ages long ago, when the world was at its begining, there was a sea and wind. In those times man was a fish. A human-bird, who traveled the stars came to him. The human-fish stood before his giant wings and told him "You can fly among the stars but you don't even know the depths of a sea, how pitiful you are", and started to laugh at him. In anger human-bird cut off fish-humans its tail and legs grew to him instead. That is how first man, Rooy Khanu, came to be.

Rooy Khanu want on a yourney in a little boat. In those old times there was no land, only sea. He cried that he is very thirsty, but there is only sea. The human-bird threw down turtle shell, which had broken into many pieces creating a land and islands. After a while Rooy Khanu has become sad that he is on the island alone. Human-bird came back and cut off his own head. The blood that was flouring out of him become Rooy Waka, frist woman.

Both had a lot of children. However after growing up the children, Rooy Waka went back to the stars. "Please my love, come back to me", cried Rooy Khanu. From the human-bird he got answer: My dear husband, the day, that I will return, will be the day that the faith of the stars will be sealed. It will be a day when the song of destruction will resonance the world."