Celestial being

Celestial Being is a private military organization
which appeared for the first time in 2307, when it
made clear its obejective to free the world from
all conflict on Earth. mobile suit gundam 00 Ptolemaios Its founder, Aeolia
Schehenberg, in a tv proclamation made public the intentions of Celestial Beaing to intervene with force against anybody who will arm himself, or anybody whose aim is to start a war.

mobile suit gundam 00 Ptolemaios That what gives Celestial Being its power are four gundams - Exia, Dynames, Kyrios a Virtue - and supporting spaceship Ptolemaios. Thanks to the technology of GN particles the gundams are the most advanced weapons on Earth. No other country or union can maesure its powers with them, which gives the words of the celetial beings founder strength.