• 1. season - 24 episodes
  • 2. season - october 2008
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Mobile suit Gundam 00

This anime series has very interesting story,
played on the background of politics and intics of
individuals. The story is about events on Earth in
time, when the surface of the planet is divided into three zones controled by three main world powers. These supernational unions were formed to build a solar system, which gave the world near infinite energy source.

Nevertheless not even in this kind of world didn't end the fighting amongst the world powers. To change this state of things, Celestial being rises and oposes until now the most powerful organizations. Its aim is to get rid of all the armed conflict in world, to end killing innocent people.

For the first time Mobile suit gundam 00 first appeared on tv screens in 2007 in Japan. The second season comes in the next year. Gundam 00 is the first anime made in high definition and its the first of series from the gundam franchize to be set in A.D. calendar, the other animes took places in diferent ones.

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