The year is 2307 A.D...

The world has changed. In year 2307 the reserves
of fosil fuels has been depleted and mankind is
forced to find new sources of energy. In a matter
of few decades the ring of solar pannels has been built. Three large orbital elevators are conneting it to the surface of Earth.

50 milion kilometres long Orbital ring collects solar energy and via the elevators it is send to the surface. The world has divided into three economic areas, every one of them has had responsibility to build one elevator and now they profit form having almost infinite source of energy

The story of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 begins in the year of tenth anniversary of launching the whole system. All three political subjects on Earth has been arming themselves and they are playing zero-sum political game.

Even 3 centuries in future, mankind is not able to live together without wars... But some don't like the state of things in the world...