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sci-fi anime database

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sience fiction

afro samurai

sci-fi, adventure

amazing nurse nanako

sci-fi, comedy, mecha

android kikaider

sci-fi, action, adventure, drama, mecha.

angel links

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, romance

angelic layer

sci-fi, action, comedy, drama

appleseed (2004)

sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, utopic, action
utopian vision of future where natural people and bioriods are trying to live together


aci-fi, comedy, drama, mecha, romance

area 88 (1985, 2005)

sci-fi, action, shounen, military, romance, drama, letadla
story from air base in the middle of desert from times of war

argento soma

sci-fi, alien, adventure, drama, mecha, military


sci-fi, fantasy, drama, slice of Life

armitage: III

sci-fi, mecha, romance, action

armored trooper votoms - pailsen files

sci-fi, mecha, military


sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy


sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, psychological,


sci-fi, sports, shounen, comedy, adventure, action

birdy the mighty decode

sci-fi, action

black cat

sci-fi, adventure, comedy

blue drop

sci-fi, shoujo ai, drama

blue gender

sci-fi, adventure, drama, horror, mecha, romance, postapocalyptic
post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime with horror atmosphere

blue seed

sci-fi, comedy, horror, romance, supernatural

blue submarine no.6

sci-fi, adventure, mecha


sci-fi, adventure, comedy


sci-fi, mecha, horror, fantasy, drama

bubblegum crisis (1987)

sci-fi, action, mecha

burn up

sci-fi, action, comedy, mecha

candidate for goddess

sci-fi, action, mecha, military, real robot

captain harlock

sci-fi, action, adventure, drama, horror

casshern sins

sci-fi, action

chaos head

sci-fi, supernatural, game


sci-fi, comedy, drama, romance

cluster edge

sci-fi, action, military

code e

sci-fi, school, comedy, action

code geass (2006)

sci-fi, drama, mecha, military, supernatural
mystic Zero fights with his mystic powers against all powerfull imperium

cowboy bebop

sci-fi, western, action
head hunters browse the solar system and search for gangsters, mafians and other criminals

coyote ragtime show

sci-fi, adventure, action, comedy

crest of the stars

sci-fi, drama, romance, space opera
in far future the big war amongst the human races takes place

dai-guard: earth defence enterprise

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, mecha

daphne in the brilliant blue

sci-fi, comedy, drama, mystery, psychological, echi

darker than black

sci-fi, drama, mystery, supernatural


sci-fi, comedy, ecchi, romance, bishoujo


sci-fi, comedy, mecha, romance, supernatural

denno coil

sci-fi, cyber
in world where the real and cyber space colide together, you can do almost anything

desert punk

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, cyberpunk


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, shounen


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, fantasy, supernatural


sci-fi, action, comedy, romance

dominion tank police

sci-fi, action, comedy, mecha, police

dragon ball

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy

dragon drive

sci-fi, school, fantasy, comedy, adventure, aAction, shounen

dragonaut - the resonance

sci-fi, adventure, supernatural

dual! parallel trouble adventure

sci-fi, comedy, mecha

e's otherwise

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, military, shounen, supernatural

eatman 98

sci-fi, action, adventure

elfen lied

sci-fi, drama, horror, psychological, romance
full of blod, mysteries and horror atmosphere, also nudity appears

ergo proxy

sci-fi, adventure, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, supernatural

eureka 7

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, mecha, military, romance

eve no jikan

sci-fi, romance

excel saga

sci-fi, comedy


sci-fi, drama, mecha

fantastic children

sci-fi, adventure, drama, fantasy, romance

final fantasy

sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, postapocalyptic
get into a world of fantasy created with 3D animation

fist of the north star series

sci-fi, adventure, drama, romance

flcl/fooly cooly

sci-fi, comedy, drama

full metal panic!

sci-fi, comedy, drama, mecha, military

gad guard

sci-fi, action, adventure, mecha

galaxy angel

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy

galaxy express 999

sci-fi, adventure, drama


sci-fi, adventure, drama, mecha, mystery, romance


sci-fi, supernatural, mystery


sci-fi, drama, mecha, military, supernatural


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, fantasy

generator gawl

sci-fi, action, adventure, drama


sci-fi, adventure, mecha, military

getsumen to heiki mina

sci-fi, comedy, magic, magical girl

ghost hound

sci-fi, horror, fantasy, supernatural

ghost in the shell

sci-fi, mecha, military, mystery, police

gigantic formula

sci-fi, mecha, drama war


sci-fi, comedy, action

glass fleet

sci-fi, adventure


sci-fi, romance, mecha, ecchi, comedy

gun x sword

sci-fi, adventure, drama, mecha


sci-fi, drama, mecha, military, action
there are numbers of gundam series, some of them are really good


sci-fi, adventure, drama, supernatural

gunparade march

sci-fi, drama, mecha, military, romance, slice of life

gunslinger girl

sci-fi, adventure, drama


sci-fi, adventure

hand maid may

sci-fi, ecchi

heat guy j

sci-fi, action, adventure

heroic age

sci-fi, adventure, mecha, romance, space opera
the heroic Age is convinced to fight along the side of princess Dianeira, no matter what it takes

himitsu – the revelation

sci-fi, mystery, psychological

innocent venus

sci-fi, drama, mecha

infinite ryvius

sci-fi, psychological, military, mecha, drama, space

iriya's sky, summer of the ufos

sci-fi, drama, romance

jing: king of bandits

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, fantasy

jyu oh sei

sci-fi, adventure, drama, mystery


sci-fi, fantasy

kenran butoh sai: the mars daybreak

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, romance

keroro gunso

sci-fi, comedy, shounen

kiddy grade

sci-fi, adventure, mecha, police, shounen

knights of the zodiac / saint seiya

sci-fi, adventure, fantasy

last exile

sci-fi, adventure, fantasy
story from a world floating in clouds, where a long war takes place

legend of basara

sci-fi, adventure, drama, romance

legend of black heaven

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama

linebarrels of iron

sci-fi, mecha, action

lupin III

sci-fi, adventure, comedy


sci-fi, action, comedy, romance

Macross (1983-2008)

sci-fi, shounen, romance, military, mecha, drama, adventure
what would happen if humans get their hands on a piece of alien technology from crashed spaceship?

magical shopping arcade abenobashi

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, supernatural

mamoru-kun ni megami no shukufuku wo!

sci-fi, comedy, drama, romance

martian successor nadesico

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance

megaman nt warrior

sci-fi, comedy, mecha

melancholy of suzumiya haruhi

sci-fi, comedy, psychological, supernatural

melody of oblivion

sci-fi, supernatural, space, shounen, psychological, mecha, horror, fantasy, adventure

mezzo danger service agency

sci-fi, action, comedy, mystery

misaki chronicles

sci-fi, drama, adventure


sci-fi, horror, mystery, supernatural

najica blitz tactics

sci-fi, action, comedy

neon genesis evangelion

sci-fi, drama, mecha, military, psychological


sci-fi, adventure, drama, romance, slice of Life

now and then, here and there

sci-fi, adventure, drama

nurse witch komugi

sci-fi, comedy, magic

oban star-racers

sci-fi, shounen, mecha, adventure

outlaw star

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, mecha, romance

photon: the idiot adventures

sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, mecha

planetes (2005)

sci-fi, action, comedy, drama, slice of life
realistic, no supernatural... discover how the world might look like in 2071


sci-fi, comedy, drama, romance

read or die

sci-fi, adventure, drama, historical, mystery

real drive (2008)

sci-fi, mystery
anime z roku 2061


sci-fi, mecha

robotech (1984)

sci-fi, adventure, mecha, military, mystery, romance
anime, where three anime series has been connected together, including macross

ronin warriors

sci-fi, adventure


sci-fi, adventure, drama

saber marionette

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, mystery, romance, shonen

sakura wars

sci-fi, adventure, mecha

samurai 7

sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, mecha

seraphim call

sci-fi, drama, romance

serial experiments lain

sci-fi, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, supernatural

silent möbius

sci-fi, supernatural


sci-fi, drama, romance

sky girls

sci-fi, military, mecha

solty rei

sci-fi, action, drama

soukou no strain

sci-fi, action, drama, mecha, military

star ocean ex

sci-fi, adventure, fantasy

starship operators

sci-fi, action, drama
few military cadets decide to fight against occupation of their home planet

stratos 4

sci-fi, action, comedy

strike witches

sci-fi, magic

super robot wars original generation

sci-fi, action, mecha

tactical roar

sci-fi, comedy, military, romance

tenchi muyo!

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, supernatural

tengen toppa gurren lagann

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, mecha, slice of Life


sci-fi, drama, psychological

the animatrix

sci-fi, fantasy, drama, police, sports, adventure, samurai, mecha

the big o

sci-fi, noir

the irresponsible captain tylor

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, military

the third: the girl with the blue eye

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, shounen

this ugly yet beautiful world

sci-fi, shounen, romance, magic, drama, comedy

to aru majutsu no index

sci-fi, action, comedy, drama, fantasy

to love-ru

sci-fi, action, comedy, romance

tokyo underground

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, romance

toward the terra

sci-fi, drama, psychological, supernatural
in far future, starts a war and search for long lost home... terra


sci-fi, mecha


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama

trinity blood

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror


sci-fi, space opera

uchuu no stellvia

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, drama, mecha, romance

ufo princess valkyrie

sci-fi, comedy, magical girl, romance

ultimate girls

sci-fi, action, comedy, magical girl

uninhabited planet survive

sci-fi, adventure, drama


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, mecha

virus buster serge

sci-fi, adventure, mecha

wild arms

sci-fi, vampire, magic, games, fantasy, adventure, action


sci-fi, adventure, drama, horror, supernatural

wolf's rain

sci-fi, adventure, drama, supernatural

world of narue

sci-fi, romance, comedy

xam'd: lost memories

sci-fi, mecha


sci-fi, Mecha


sci-fi, adventure, comedy, fantasy, military

zaion: i wish you were here

sci-fi, drama, romance

zettai shonen

sci-fi, action, drama, mystery, slice of life


sci-fi, romance, mecha, action, adventure

zone of the enders

sci-fi, adventure, comedy, mecha, military


sci-fi, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery